Online Physiotherapy for Regional, Rural & Remote Women


Guiding you through preggas, birth & postpartum. Preparing and rehabilitating your Pelvic Floor

  • Online programs to prepare your Pelvic Floor for birth and help you recover Postpartum

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Evidence based Physiotherapy Care to guide you through your child-bearing journey. From preparing your Pelvic Floor for Birth to helping you recover Postpartum - I am here for it all


Online Programs

Rural Workshops

Outreach Clinics

Stage 1

Rest and recover

Stage 2

Targeted Recovery

Stage 4

Functional recovery & impact

1 in 3 women describe their birth as traumatic and Pelvic Floor dysfunction impacts 1 in 3 women. I address these issues where they start - during our child-bearing years. Assessing the likelihood of Birth related Pelvic Floor Trauma, educating you about all the twists and turns your birth experience may take, teach you techniques to reduce your risk and then help you assess and rehabilitate your Pelvic Floor postpartum 


A simple cheat sheet to guide you through your recovery after a c-section birth. Including that first poo 😬




Have you experienced a perineal tear or episiotomy? Wondering what the number your OB told you means?Or just want to be clued up as to what to expect? Check out our 'Perineal Tear Grades' document which outlines what each grade means and your expected length of recovery. 


I am so glad you're here!

Hi! I’m Jess, the Rural Women's Physio. But first and foremost I am a mum myself to 3 rough and tumble delights. Artie, my footy loving, creative; Cali, my cartwheeling, dance monkey & Boston, my motorbike loving energiser bunny. It is my own personal experience of birthing and recovering in a small rural town that is the driver behind launching this passion project and pondering long and hard about how I can change the delivery of birth preparation and postpartum care to make it accessible to all; no matter location.

My end goal here is to deliver comprehensive, sustainable and accessible physiotherapy pre & post partum care to Rural and Remote women to access on their terms.


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